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An open letter to my father
Dear pa,

I got to know your email add through an email you sent mummy. I know we've been through some tough times, we've all been there and we are all responsible for our own respective faults. If only we had accepted our faults and stopped pointing fingers at one another and learnt to respect one another, things wouldn't have took such a drastic turn. But, it happened and we are here at where we are now. Changes are supposed to happen for the better, generally, but of course, I've got to to admit that this change that had happened wasn't a very pleasant one. We are grappling on such tangible a financial strain on almost a daily basis and worst of all, our family is broken. But then again, what am I lamenting about when this damage as a whole is irreversible? I say with hope that the damage is irreversible IF we let it be. But realistically, this hope seems very far-fetched.

I don't mean to bring back floods of memories from the past, but rather I meant that this write-up serve as a sole mean of reminiscence on what should have and could have been done as a family to avoid schism in our family.  

But, it happened and we are here at where we are now.

I do sincerely miss you as my father and as the person whom I've known as my provider from the day I was born. I thank you for all the love and monetary help you have provided me and the rest as a father, though and honorable mention would be that mummy was in particular my main, loving guardian who had cherished and nurture me in every step I took. 

I speak on behalf of myself, my sisters and mummy when I say I'm sorry. We deeply regret our faults had there been any instances in which we've hurt you or neglected you. We love you and we always will - if not expressed openly, silently, in our hearts. I acknowledge my own faults of which I've been blind about or have deliberately chose to turn a blind eye to.

Dear pa,

Deborah and I have graduated from school last year after completing our SPM examination. We obtained each a string of A's and though we are eligible for many scholarships, many don't seem to understand the degree of our plight. But we remain hopeful. While we await response from prospective sponsors, we have to meanwhile do a lot of running and try to enroll ourselves in a university as soon as possible. For this, our expenditure on transportation alone have exceeded our daily budgets let alone expenditure on food, clothing, bills, rental and other basic necessities.

That said, I honestly and sincerely hope that you sympathize with us, pa. I can boldly say that the future is bleak without investing on proper, quality education. At this stage of our lives, we are sincerely hoping for nothing more than sufficient monetary aid to fund our studies...

...and we are hoping that you too can play a part in at least helping us get our necessities for university life.

I humbly request of you to put in any sum of money to my bank account. My bank account number is as follows:-

Account no : xxxxxxxxxxxx

I would appreciate any sum, pa. Please do this in your convenience, whenever and whatever sum as you please. Thank you in advance.

This need not be known by mummy. I promise to keep this only to myself.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or Whatsapp. The following are my contact details :-

Also, please keep in touch. We love you, pa and we hope you're doing good. I hope your health is improving.


Your daughter,

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