Bits and pieces of my life

  It's been quite a while since the last I wrote something in this blog. Well, I have started work some two weeks ago at a call center in KL. So far, my journey through life has been quite an enlightening experience. I have learnt to open up my mind to so many things which I have never did to before. I am currently working on improving my social skills, mental well-being, writing skills and generally my perspective on life itself. I am also into a lot of reading recently and I really must credit this newfound habit to be the main source of my overall well-being - from emotional stability to increased synapses that make connections between my thoughts(I can hence safely assume that I'm growing smarter, maybe?).

  I can say that I am now more open to challenges and am willing to turn back and face head-on with my fears. At this point of my life, I have to admit that I am simply engrossed in improving myself so I can make people have better, elevated impressions on me compared to what I received from being my former self and also expose instead thwart opportunities from flowing in. I am currently hooked to the renowned Q&A site, Quora and Medium, a platform where entrepreneurs and like-minded people share their thoughts. I highly recommend those two sites to anyone wanting to improve themselves in areas concerned, seek for help or simply improve their proficiency in English.

  I have learned to take things easier and not crap my mind obsessively over something. I've realized that doing so only saturates my mind into a viscous goo in which I no longer have space to bubble up other more important thoughts. I have also learned to not take everything personally as doing so had only crushed my frail soul rather prematurely, unnecessarily for the most part. 

  I have now learned to be more mindful in my actions and to not be hasty in the choices that I make. To not be weary of what life has in store of me as long as I have my goals in mind and work towards achieving it because ultimately, if I live the present with thoughtful decisions and mindful actions , the path is going to be paved for me and I ought to receive what was due my efforts and past actions. Because freedom to make a choice is the only right that cannot be robbed of us. In whatever situation or circumstance we're put in, we always have a choice to make. And also as someone once said, "take care of the minutes and the years will take care of themselves". We always have a choice to make. Even in the most difficult of times. And the choice is ours respectively.



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