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People generally are nice

What we think of people and how we treat one another all weighs down to 1) what we were indoctrinated to think about every certain group of people or 2) what we naturally think of people or 3) how we are influenced to think about people.

Number 1 and 3 definitely does not apply to me. I will naturally associate myself with number 2 and though I am quite a social recluse, I can argue that people generally have good intentions and are therefore, nice. And though I have personally been through some hard times with certain people, I can still say that people are nice. In fact, while my hard times were mostly due to family stress, I must admit that there was a great deal of emotional support I received from people outside my knit who had come to know about my plight.

So, as you can see, my views on whether or not people are nice are pretty biased, in the sense that my arguments put forward to support my stance are mostly tailored based on personal experience. Well, to clear that out, as mentioned before, I don't mingle much with people, at least as far as I know, not enough to invoke sincere humane feelings such as sympathy from these people. These people I'm referring to, some my acquaintances, some whom I've met just a couple of times, and some, strangers. Notice I didn't mention friends? You now see the degree of how much I am not associated closely with any single person to call 'friend'. And yet these people had something so sincere to offer me- sympathy. Or maybe empathy. I don't know. Either way, that meant and still means a lot to me.

I can further argue that people are nice despite the known fact that there are 'bad' people around. But 'bad' people only account for 2 or 3 in 50, in my opinion and these people are usually not innately bad, they just probably have some bad behavioral issues that stemmed from other factors. And that's why my friends, we are expected to have empathy, tolerance and politeness at all times especially when dealing with difficult people. Some people just need these magical response to realize their mistakes though admittedly this wouldn't be an instant shot but rather a slow one that takes center stage in their minds when they start pondering in solitude.

I view all people the same and I think that everyone is born the same, born to be good souls but destined to be the individuals they are later in life depending on how external factors affect them and most importantly, how they deal with these factors.

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