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"Write as though no one is around to judge you. Write all day everyday to your heart's content."

When I first begin blogging, my blog design was all that mattered to me. Blog posts, they are an occasional thing, maybe once or twice per month. But as I grew out of the mindset I had about the purpose of blogs, I begin to realize and see the real beauty and purpose of blogging and that beauty lies in the very opportunity in expressing myself through mere writings of my own, in my very own online abode and showcasing it to the world.

And especially for me, having the space, the motivation, the opportunity to express myself through writing which were all and more of what blogger and other blogging platforms have provided me with, those were just what I needed to feel again. Being the recluse or in other words, the introvert that I am in reality, I can say nothing more than the fact that blogging, if not for reading, is a wonderful escapade for me to go about my thoughts and rants. And of course, to feel again. Because I am admittedly, absent-minded for the most part of my day-today life, especially when it comes to interacting with people. Blase and apathetic you might call me. So when I'm doing something like blogging, I am auto-pilot on a thoughtful detour through retrospects and hindsights. This have helped me have a more in-depth introspection and have generally improved my metacognition.

Apart from creating a 'workspace' for me to have my freedom to write and express, blogging has no doubt, improved my style of writing, my choice of words, the way I think, and the way I convey my thoughts into writings. But of course, this came along with much reading, too. While my writing style and its contents are certainly not anywhere near those of other more brilliant writers and bloggers, I must say I have come a long way in the writing world. Blogging coupled with reading have done just this - it helped me materialize my inner desires, one of which is to be better at writing. Period.

For those of you not familiar with blogging and are scratching your heads on what the whole deal about blogging is about, well unless you've never felt the burning need to write about something, which I highly doubt, be it your thoughts on a myriad of things, a letter to your love, how you deal with your emotions, your passions and ambitions, or even a tutorial or a review, you'll never be able to comprehend why people write in the first place and why writing has been a timeless jewel for ages. It is still one of the most highly-regarded pastime and have even developed to become a profession. I'm afraid I did not do justice promoting blogging but hey, I would like to regurgitate, I'm not great of a writer. Please do take time to read up what other bloggers have to say about blogging too.

Blogging in my opinion is writing evolved, taken to new heights, to follow in the path of this modern epoch.

“Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life.”
—Hunter S. Thompson

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
—Ernest Hemingway

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
—Virginia Woolf

Happy blogging everyone!

Evangelista Grace
8th May 2016.

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