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Adventures in attempted caring for a newborn kitten

  It was actually yesterday, but Today I Learnt(TIL) sounds more familiar(FIY, a subreddit in Reddit) and as though I hit my keyboard there and there as I experienced the best...and the worst of caring for not just a kitten, but a newborn kitten. Yes, a baby kitten with closed eyes, similar to the picture on the left. It was practically a two day ordeal, not much of a thing, especially with a kitten, you might think but lo and behold I was dealing with such a fragile little soul.

  I was having dinner with my friends, enjoying the tangible atmosphere of relief after having completed our computing assignment, a presentation. Speaking formally and presenting has always been my worst fear. I was chilling a bit when I received a phone call from my housemate. She told me to get *any* milk and that it was urgent. I knew at the back of my mind that it was a kitten, as we have "kittennapped" a few kittens prior, together as partners in crime .
Haha oh well, that's what happens I guess when two bored and boring persons get together. Just so you know, no kittens have stayed longer than two days with us. All I know is the kittens were fed some ungodly foods, got stomach upset, purged and the next thing we knew was, the cat was out, back at the dumpster.

  Back to the phone call, I thought to myself, why not another chance to prove ourselves good caretakers of kittens, right? I obliged to get a packet of milk powder on the way back to my hostel. I was surprised to see that it was a freakin' newborn kitten. Of course, I fell for its cuteness at first sight. My roommate was all dramatic in her recount about her first-hand experience on rescuing the kitten from a ".. viscious, big fat murderer cat who was biting at the poor little thing's neck". It hit me that it was very likely the mother cat but being the equally dunce person as my roomie, I found an excuse to keep the kitten.

  The first night(lol) was so-so as we were both a little pissed by how the kitten, whom we named Marmalade, would not drink it's milk. We had no syringe or teats to feed it milk and so we tried our best to feed it milk with a teaspoon, but to no avail, pathetically. We decided that we would go out the next morning to the nearest pet shop to get syringe or teats through which Marmalade can feed. The next morning came, we took a Uber to the nearest town where two pet shops were situated in. And to our disappointment, both pet shops were closed. What a bummer. We then thought that the next best thing to do would be getting a syringe from a clinic nearby. We couldn't afford to let our trip go waste.

 We returned with the syringe, beaming with a bit of hope on our way back. Marmalade did swallow the milk a bit when we force-fed it with the syringe. Not long after that, I found out that we were feeding it the wrong milk. We learnt that cow's milk gives it stomach upset and that orphaned kittens, or in this case, this 'orphaned' newborn kitten can be weaned earlier but it must be fed some formula milk, not ordinary milk that we humans consume.

  Long story short, I was soon hunting around the vicinity of my hostel, for the presumed mother-cat. From the eye-witness accounts that were my hm's, she recalled that there was a plump tabby by our apartment door on the night of the kidnapping. It was meow-ing loudly, as if it was asking for its baby back. I knew which cat she was referring to. I’ve seen her by the stairs often. Exam’s in 5 days time and I had to be plagued by the guilt and dread of bringing a newborn kitten back.

  Troubled, I embarked on a search for the queen cat, in hopes of reuniting her with her baby. Searched high and low, but to no avail. My mind then hatched the idea of leaving Marmalade down stairs in what I call the ‘maids coven’. Needless to say, the maids were distinctively hating me for having placed a noisy newborn kitten in their rest place. I felt bad for the very hasty move but I really had no other choice. My roomie had gone back for the weekend, leaving me alone to chaperone the kitten. I went downstairs not long after, to do my laundry at hostel block 3 when I found two girls cornering another kitten that bared a striking resemblance to Marmalade. But unlike Marmalade, it’s tail wasn’t stripped so I figured it was Marmalade’s sibling.

  The girls were looking for the mother cat too. I told them that I’ve seen a similar kitten at block 1 and that I know who the mother cat was. I was walking back to my apartment when I caught sight of the mother cat carrying Marmalade by the neck. I beckoned for the two girls who were carrying Marmalade’s sibling around to come over to where I stood. We then waked over to the mother cat to reunite yet another one of her litter but she was afraid we were after Marmalade and so she took off running with Marmalade dangling from her tiny mouth. The two girls seemed excited about going after the mother cat while I on the other hand had my mission accomplished – getting Marmalade united with her momma. I bid the two girls a bye and set off back to my apartment to resume studying.

That was the last time I would think of kittennapping ever again. Ever.


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