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Farewell to another sem [and hopefully to some bad habits]

  Perhaps the line it's been a while has found a place in being the beginning line for almost all my recent posts. Well, it has in fact, been a while. My second sem has been a very happening one with something always around the corner, busying my being around the clock. With finals and assignments just over, one can only imagine the relief that I am feeling๐Ÿ’†

  I learnt a TON lot of things from this sem. Weird how most of us give chance for our guilty conscious only at the end of a year or a semester. We then go on to create goals some of which are, admittedly, unrealistic aspirations.

  I've successfully ditched a few habits from my first sem one of which is milk and nestum binge-drinking. This not only spared me from gaining more kilos but also gave me a new hope for an acne-free skin. And I was definitely not the ultra-geek that I was in my first sem as I was in my second sem. I started hanging out often with my friends, spending a shit ton of money on stuffs, and the worst part and probably the main reason I started stooping in my general productivity was not being able to say No.

  Not being able to say No in the very first instance of A lead to another set of events and so on. Then came instance B which was a direct resultant of instance A which I could initially not muster any courage to say No to. This instance B only ensued the drama that was beginning to unfold. I suddenly begun to feel like I was the busiest person in the world. Message after messages. Ignore these messages and I get confronted for it. Reply to these messages and the conflict only grows bigger.

It was emotionally draining especially with assignment dues around the corner and revisions that I had to catch up before my finals. First time in all the years I am a student, I had to pull an all-nighter with cat naps in between and a green tea overdose. That was the worst experience in my whole studying life so far. I always used to prep early for exams solely to avoid this kind of self-imposed torment.

  Not being able to manage my time meant not being organized and meant me doing things last minute or past the due date. I sent in my loan and scholarship application right at the eleventh hour The mails only reached their respective mailboxes way past the deadline. This landed me on a pool of anxiety and guilt and regret for maybe all of eternity until I am finally successful in a loan or scholarship application of which I highly doubt.You see how this one meager thing of frittering away my time lead to what is called the chain-reaction phenomenon. My sister is surely already hating me for this.

  Apart from all the chaos that ensued as a result of my mindless use of time, I also sucked so bad at managing my finances during my second semester. I was especially materialistic during this sem because for some reasons I thought having a wardrobe revamp would please my new friends. But one thing I can't deny is that dressing myself better improved my looks and gave me a confidence boost. But beauty for the most part or just in my case, came with a very high price and I bowed to that shit. Now I'm just a pathetic waste lamenting about the debts(money that I took from my student loan that was not intended for lavish spending) that I technically have to pay off with my soon-to-receive monthly allowance.

Here's to a chastised third sem

...okay just maybe until I pay off my 'debts'. 

I really have to learn how to manage my time and finance better after this...

or else it's farewell to all enjoyments I had previously and bienvenida to a life of being a hermit.

 Then comes the end-of-sem customary question of what I plan to do during this auspicious break.

I plan to play through the walkthroughs of the crazed-after Dota, learn how to make amateur videos, learn a bit of hand lettering, and blog all my way to an early grave for sloths.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

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