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On making the most out of our time

  For most of us, pastime is the time to rest our weary souls from the hustle and bustle of work or university life. But there's also the inevitable and almost all-too-familiar dilemma that we find ourselves in especially during the weekends and holidays- we had rested our tired bodies way more than how much our bodies have accounted for, what next? Some of us continue to over-rest our bodies by snoozing the rest of the day away. A common justification for this is that we'll not be able to compensate our weary souls for its due rest when life embarks back in it's humdrum. But then again, we're inevitably faced with the classical saying "Time is gold" that plunges us into abject realization that the free time should not be frittered away in idleness.

  With the realization that dawn upon us on how fleeting time is, it doesn't take us long to approach at yet another realization that we have to raise to the challenge of getting out of our comfort zone and kick-starting something worthwhile. It could be a hobby, a research online on things that interest you, or exploring and carrying out something new, something you've wished to try all along. As Philip Stanhope once said, " If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well". These mortal words of the earl of Chesterfield continue to be etched in our hearts and minds as means of motivation and justification to carry out and strife to be good at what we do best. For this, we have every reason to pursue the things within our realm of interest and to seek and garner efforts to be good at it. This need not be limited to a narrow scope that only concerns your job/ area of specialization but could also simply include your favorite pastime or a thing that you've been longing to pursue but due to constraints of time and resources, never had the chance to.

 Arriving at that, some of us fret upon the idea that it's a little too late to be good at anything they have desired. This fear is further bolstered by the 10,000 Hour rule that sees itself as the only sure-fire way to get exceptionally good at something. While this is somewhat a proven fact, a large majority of us would agree that the rule is a little impractical.

 And yet the idea of pursuing that very something that interests us always mellows down our seemingly hopeless souls and shines a fresh and unblemished beacon of hope, as crisp as it had been when were our younger selves.

Bottom line is, it's never too late to try out anything. Never be afraid to try something new for life in all its glory is itself an adventure with each opportunity that present with each elapsing time.

Cheers to making the most out of each of our time!


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