Bits and pieces of my life
The truth behind why I love wearing black

Bold and undefying,
Sleek and timeless with a certain austere;
Shrouded with mystery, 
Insinuated with dark fantasies,
The color of bad fortune to many,
and yet a code of piety to the elected few,
The color that suggests macabre,
The color most ironically versatile.

 For most people the color black appear to be a taboo thing. To some it's a color that heralds the advent of avant-garde creations and urban sleekness and what not. And maybe a large majority don't conform to any 'color-bias'. But for the few of us who do find ourselves falling for a certain color, and with that color being black, we often get confronted up close and personal about why we always opt for that color.. More often than not, we team color black don't seem to be able to stand our ground especially with the edgy nature of the why black?  question.

  Just like hobbies and interests, a favorite color is a highly subjective thing. While trends and fads induce new favorite colors in some people, most of us have had one particular color that we've always liked since our younger days. And that's no different for most of us color black lovers -we like black just like how you show preference for maroon, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple, and all the other colors there are in the color spectrum.

 For those of you who have known me personally or at least seen me often enough to take note of my uncanny obsession with the color black, well black is not all my favorite color. I don't recall my favorite sweater or sneakers being black when I was a younger lass. I grew fonder of black as I was getting older as growing inadvertently brought with it some whopping changes to my psychology apart from my physiological needs. Here are 5 reasons how I grew to love black ❤

1) Black goes well with anything
You know you're no rich kid when you have no choice but to dismiss that chic looking maroon skirt you saw online and go for a black instead because well, black would go with the majority of the tops lying in your wardrobe. Black is essentially for the low-in-budget especially when it comes to clothing color choice.

2) Black is decent enough for college
Black does little to nothing to accentuate my curves and strike for attention. Trust me you won't like easily catching attention in the mildly conservative college I attend. I won't have to go a long way to say that this point covers the fact that Black also helps conceal my insecurities.

3) Black is low-budget
Black helps you achieve a modern yet simple and exclusively classic look - albeit for an inexpensive price.

4) Black makes me feel comfortable in my own skin
I was once a highly insecure lassie and thankfully with time I have slowly grown out that shell. I do however still have in me remnants of insecurities from my younger days one of which is my skin color. I have an average Indian skin tone and embracing though I should be with it, I sometimes get overly self-conscious with it and my self-esteem would stoop so low I start feeling ashamed. Black color comes to my aid in times like this.

I can be the next Black Widow 😂

5) Black brings out my inner goth
My seemingly nerdy, prim  and proper outward appearance greatly masks who I really am in the inside. It doesn't do much justice in showcasing my heavy metal obsessions and my liking toward dark horror genres. Wearing black to me is like subtly presenting my inner self to the world :)

There ya go, 5 reasons why I love black. Hope I had answered those of you who always seem to be chagrined at me for wearing black 😂😘

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