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The never ending pursuit of scholarship applications

Semester 3 have been the hectic semester I foresaw during my previous semester. Being the last semester of my pre-u studies and one that spans for only a short period of two months, I had to start cramming preparations for my degree studies on top of assignment dues and tests and quizzes all around the corner. What I meant by preparations for degree here is merely taking initiatives to secure myself a scholarship/ loan or any form of financial aid for my bachelor's degree 😂. Not any mega-early preparations for what's in my degree course outline. I'm not in any way a nerd like that 😂😂

While some scholarship applications like that of MNRB Holdings opened earlier this year and was accepting SPM trial results, a large number of scholarship applications opened right after the SPM results came out in March. I applied for numerous scholarships, almost every scholarship that was applicable for me. Out of the many that I applied for, a few let me proceed to online assessments to have my competence assessed under the mercy of a yardstick that comprised of a number of challenging tests which also assessed other deserving applicants. Needless to say, I did not make it past those forsaken tests. Bless all the rest who made it through that troll of an assessment 😒😒. Then there was one which engaged me in a phone interview on a Sunday morning when I was snoozing the day away after a night of staying up late. How convenient.

Then came two email invitations for a scholarship interview from the Star Edu Fund. I applied for 5 different universities under one same course, Bachelor's in Computer Science. Out of the five, I got shortlisted for an interview session at two universities, MSU and Sunway college. MSU on the morning of 20th, Sunway on the afternoon of 21st. Follow the links below to read up the little chronicles of my interview experience under Star Edu Fund for the respective two consecutive days.

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