Bits and pieces of my life
You're all that matter to me

You're all I want,
Your looks are to die for;
Your ways are cunning,
But there's nothing wrong in that.

You're perfect in all your flaws,

Flawless in your misdeeds,
Unapologetic in every turn you make,
Savage and pointless at times,
But still you're a marvel.

I long for a life with you,

To see days filled with your dear company,
To be solaced with the warmth of your love,
To be tuck into an affectionate slumber with you every night.

I hope we share a mutual love,

I don't want to be a case of unrequited love;
There's something about your mysterious aura,
That gives life to my empty soul;
Even when I feel nothing,
I feel it completely.

I have acquired a deep affection for you,

Etched to my heart, mind and soul like death clinging to a comatose,
If this feeling were to ever leave me,
It is sure to leave my heart with a scar that cannot be faded;
And I don't think I'll ever look at love the same again.

You're so special to me,

You have just came into my life,
And you've already stained a large portion of my heart just for you.
You captivate me in everything you do;
Stealing glances at you is enough to brighten up my mundane day.

I love you and hold you very dear,

And I hope you notice my wandering love and embrace it someday,
So it can bloom into something else spectacular and unimaginable,
For both you and me.

And in all honesty,

I wish to say,
That you're all that matter to me.

Edit: figure in the poem is completely fictitious 

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