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Life in MMU at a glance

So it's been nearly 3 weeks now since I enrolled and started campus life in Multimedia University. I have observed a lot of difference in terms of the environment and people here as compared to my student life back in UNITEN. Yeah, I mean sure, it took me near three weeks to finally sit down and rant about my new chapter.

Just a bit of a back story..

 My dad and I were kinda lost on our way to MMU Cyberjaya from Rawang, where my dad had picked me up from home. All along I was apprehensive and excited at the same time. Woah great, a new chapter, a new beginning for me. Well, it was somewhat a new start, although I had already been pursuing my B.CS in UNITEN for about two weeks before I got a scholarship offer to study in MMU. I thought maybe, just maybe I could start over, be a more studious jane and what not; just about all the kind of aspiration one would have when going to a new place. I thought maybe this is my chance to ditch what ever old habits I had before, like hanging out till late night, socializing with the wrong kind of people, being unorganized and lazy, etc. So I found my mind pondering on all of these. The next three years of my life is going to be spent here. What comes after that depends on how well I live up to opportunities and how well I make use of the resources around me, and basically how well I manage my life during my undergrad.


  • Living cost
 After a series of monologs and hefty ponderings, I tapped back into reality as my dad stopped by at a grocery store for me to buy my necessities for the next whole month in a place where I am not even the slightest bit familiarized with yet. I stocked up a bit more than usual as I was not sure when I could do my next grocery and provision shopping. In retrospect, I think I have to take credit for myself for being a little wise back then. It's almost mid-July and my allowance is still not in. Not to mention the cost of living here is way too high. I'm not sure about other people but during my time back in UNITEN, I found myself being able to survive with at least 15-20 bucks per week on outside food. Whereas here in MMU, I can hardly go by three days with a meager 20 bucks. That and with the cost of forced printing of lecture notes. I say forced because well we are 1)compelled by lecturers to print notes. Most friends and fellow classmates I know of do prefer printing out lecture notes for reference. But as for me 2) I personally prefer referring to e-versions of these notes as 3) I hate doing the paperwork, filing and all that. Also, 4) I find it a lot easier carrying my notes as PDF's in my a more pocket-friendly phone.

  • Demographics
An interesting thing most prospective students like to know is the demographics of the small population belonging to an institution. I didn't really think it was a big deal until I started studies here. It's only been three weeks, and thus I am not sure if my reckoning is right but based on rough observation, I would say that the university has a predominant number of Chinese students. My two roommates are also Chinese and the thing about most Chinese students is, they're bloody hell hard-working although to a certain extent they do prove to be effortless- take for example the well-known stereotype that Chinese are good at math and their plain sharp-wit. I can sure as hell affirm that, from what I see in my own roommates daily. Stereotypes don't exist for nothing. Needless to say, I am to a great extent influenced by these smarty-pants in my dorm. Apart from that, there's also a sizeable community of foreign students over here at MMU. The Malay students' population come in at a figure roughly about the size as in UNITEN. Not many Indian students have been spotted around.

  • Study environment
 The environment here is pretty decent and nice, although the size of the campus is a lot smaller compared to UNITEN's. I mean a smaller campus does not imply that it's any less nice or lacking in facilities compared to a bigger one although I have yet to check out the available facilities around MMU. In fact, convenience is of the essence. Unlike my time back in UNITEN where I would have to wake up early to get the bus on time to class at another end and not to mention how much I would have to consider to get back to the hostel in between during long break periods, classes are conveniently of a walking distance from my hostel dorm here at MMU. During break time, I can walk back to hostel to quickly catch a power nap or take a refreshing shower before the next class. There's also a digital library, the Siti Hasmah Digital Library. Registered students and staffs are able to access FYP's, digital databases, thesis and much more including viewing status of borrowed books/ book loans in the library's digital repository and convenient online system. Heck, us freshies were even required to attend a briefing session with the library and we were assessed at the end of it. There's also a 24-hour study/collaborating area making for just the right study ambiance for night owls and all-nighters. 



I don't think I have fully explored all there is to MMU Cyberjaya yet to come to a conclusion about the university. But from experience, I can say that I was in for a very quick and serious jumpstart into my lecture lessons, not the usual thing I was accustomed to back in UNITEN. I was pretty laid back prior, to say the least. Judging from how life started rolling in with momentum from the very first week of my tender dwelling here, I don't think I can be that happy-go-lucky kind of lass that I was before, I doubt.🙇😂

Occasionally I do reminisce about all the memories I garnered from my time in UNITEN. All those late night talks, juicy secrets and crazy stuffs with my best buddy, Darshiniy. And well there's just so much more that I could go about but time be merciful to me. So much happened in just a year. I don't think I can ever forget UNITEN. And my friends. And my lecturers. And the infamous UNITEN lake where I was most often spotted at 😂.

My official MMU mugshot


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