Bits and pieces of my life

I have met a lot of nice people in my tender 19 years and some of these people have chosen to stick by my side and care for me. And while this is also a shout-out to my own family members for being there for me through my thick and thin, especially my mother, I am as equally obliged to good and caring friends as I am with my family. It's painful yet very blatantly a plain reality to see some of our friends come and go, especially the ones whom we have grown to become fond of their company and thought we had a bond with. But some have chosen to stick by despite all there is at their predisposal to let go and live on.

When I first moved to MMU, I have to admit having felt a little down and lost. I was also mostly at a lost with some lectures that were fast-paced. It took a while for me to gather and settle and aim for one direction at a time. On my first day when I moved into hostel, almost everyone around,  the faces that I familiarised with during the scholarship selection program had their family members surrounding them. I was grateful enough for the lift dad offered me in order to transport my stuffs from home to hostel. But my dad couldn't climb stairs so I had to carry everything up on my own. It was very tiresome to say the least but that was not it. I was saddened in the inside about not having my family around. It's not their fault. They're all at different ends and making ends meet on their own. But as impossible as it sounds, deep inside I yearn every day to be surrounded by my own family again.

About a week passes by and then I get a few messages and calls from a few friends who ask me how things are at this new place I was slowly getting accustomed to. They also ask to meet up sometime soon. Then there's an ex-collegemate who would care to take me to explore places nearby and help me get my groceries (and not to mention some delectable chocolates during exam week!). These friends, I didn't think I mattered much to them. I didn't think they would remember me or the fact that I was now at a different place. But they proved me wrong. They showed me that caringness exists beyond my own immediate family circle.

Then comes my birthday. Another friend drives all the way from Kuala Kubu to pick me from MMU and then my twin sister from her school in Seremban. I could not celebrate my birthday this year with my family and none of us got to celebrate our mum's birthday too which happened a week before me and my twin sister's. This good friend of ours came all the way from his place to celebrate our mum's birthday back at our home since none of us was around. For our birthday, he does the same thing except he drives a longer journey and uses his saved earnings from Tae Kwan Do classes he conducts to get us a mid-range fancy lunch and a birthday cake. I was really moved by my friend's gesture of kindness.

I can go on and on about all the good people in my close sphere have done for me but there's only so much that I can put down in words.

Thank you for everything good-willed peeps :) . Can't imagine a life without great peoples like you. You make life more pleasant to live.


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