Bits and pieces of my life

My Dearest,
You have been so kind to me;
Streaming sweet words into my ears,
Calming my tempest mind,
and bringing to my weary soul,
an affectionate slumber.

My Dearest,
Ever since you became a part of me,
I have known nothing but the sweet serenity
of loving and being loved,
And the joy in caring,
And in nurturing an everlasting bond with you.

My Dearest,
Whenever I see your face,
Or hear your dulcet voice;
A fire in my heart is rekindled;
That fills my heart with warmth,
And mellows my zealous spirit.

My Dearest,
You are like the unsung hymn
That my heart has yearned for,
And being the newfound hymn that it is,
The labyrinthine nature of a life that is mine,
is finally filled with petals through which I can traverse.

My Dearest,
I long for your dear company,
To fill the rest of the days of my life;
Till the soles of my foot has worn out,
Till the crown of my head has greyed and grown scarce,
Till death do us part.

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