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Psychology and Carl Jung

  The topic of psychology has never failed to tickle my fancy. I would not claim psychology as one of my core focus in my daily pursuit of reading and educating myself. It's not a topic I would deliberately look up to find interesting reading materials on normal occasions. However, I do think that the topic of psychology shows up at even the most ordinary day-to-day interactions with the world around me. And for that matter, apart from the tiny jolts of awe I derive every so often from reading psychology materials, I think learning psychology is more of a necessity to help me understand and navigate through life.

 During my foundation year, as per requirement of my course, I had been introduced to a subject called Psychology of Thinking. Many of my fellow coursemates at that time thought that it was rather an unnecessary subject to undertake. I admit that I too had such notion. But soon enough I began religiously studying the subject as I found it to be a mean of sating my curiosities about the human mind. And all throughout, I found joy in learning that subject as I explored more and more about other aspects of psychology such as personality, the sleep cycle, the various psychological approaches in psychological researches, the founding fathers of modern day psychology, among many more albeit in most instances, only brief introductions and definitions were studied in class. But during the course of learning the subject and after completing it, I was equipped with a decent amount of knowledge that propelled me to dive deeper into the topic of psychology.
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  For those who are keen on psychology read-ups, Carl Jung is a name you might have stumbled upon more often than not. I first came across this name on an article in Listverse where I had first heard of Carl Jung's book Liber Novus or more commonly known as The Red Book. I learned that the book consisted of rather mysterious and peculiar depictions of the author's state of mind during a period of time where the influential psychiatrist Carl Jung was said to have experienced a 'confrontation with the unconscious". Jung would induce hallucinations upon his own self during this time and would record his dealings and experiences with his unconscious together with vivid depictions through paintings for 16 years in a leather-bound book that would soon come to be known as The Red Book.

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A few pages from inside of The Red Book

I have always been intrigued by the mysterious and lesser-known. Even more so when psychology forms a mesh with these. Although I know nothing more of the book as I have not studied the book myself, I have however developed a sense of awe for this renowned psychiatrist.  Apart from taking admiration upon his works in analytical psychology for which he is well-known for, I am also fascinated by his personal journey and experience in encountering with the unconscious, which was done deliberately and diligently, in isolation, for 16 years.


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