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Hi fellow bloggers! I was doing my routine blogwalking and happened to stumble across this blog by Rosa Lyster. Rosa writes an essay every week on just about any topic that crosses her mind. I thought this was rather a good idea to keep one's writing habits rolling and gaining momentum each time. With a routine such as this, you can become unstoppable upon reaching a point where writing becomes a habit. 

Personally, writing apart from drawing has been a pastime that is very close to my heart. Writing in all its forms, be it essays, blog posts, poetry or short stories is a very effective way of conveying not only one's masked emotions and inner musings, but also to unleash the author and creative duo that is in a person. And for me, being a social awkward, I have found my calling with writing and the creative arts.

Essay writing may appear daunting to some people as they often associate essay writing with a rich knowledge base. To break it down, there are 4 types of essays namely narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, and lastly persuasive essays. While expository and persuasive essays might indeed need a bit of knowledge in the topic at hand, it is really just a conduit for one to get to know better the topic of interest and to form stronger opinions. On the other hand, descriptive and narrative essays depend largely on experience and a splash of creative muse.

I decided to do a weekly essay challenge for myself with topics from here or any essay topic I can come up with. For those interested in joining this weekly self-challenge of essay writing, feel free to grab the banner/logo below and write an intro post. You can write about what you think about writing as a pastime, about what you wish to gain from this self-challenge or you could even reblog this post if you wish to 😁.

The rules are simple:
  • Word count is no lesser than 100 words
  • Language used is English
  • Write at least one essay per week
  • Tag friends!

Here are few topics you could begin with:
  • Do TV shows and movies have the responsibility of being more diverse?
  • Should students be allowed to use phones in elementary and high schools?
  • What effect did human curiosity have in relation to our planet?
  • Tell about morality problems that bother you and why.

Go ahead and give it a try, put your creative mind and linguistic abilities to the test! I can't guarantee you that you'll be the next person to win an essay writing competition but I can assure you that your writing skills can improve by leaps and bounds if you're sure to maintain a habit. 

Sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a
character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.
G. D. Boardman

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